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A Real Safe

As the United States continues to spiral into the abyss, we still need to go to work and send our children to school (or home school) and maintain a loving family. We also need to protect whatever we have saved over a lifetime. In today's America, the chances of us every earning enough to replace what we now have are almost zero.

Putting your valuables inside a safe can be good and it can be bad. When your valuables are all stored in one place then home invaders need only look in that one place to get them. If the safe is a good one, it can take several hours for the bad guys to get it open.

Forget about those $1,000 "gun safes" that have American sounding brand names but are really made in China. Those things can be opened in under two minutes with a pry bar (when the safe is laying on its back) or with almost any electric drill (right through the safe's door).

For some odd reason many people derive part of their ego from the brand of safe they own. This can be an extremely bad idea. Ego means you are showing or telling people what you have. Further, you might be spending way too much money on what is really just a box. Here's the Ferrari of safes. If you think you need one of those, then you probably have a personal secretary and a bodyguard. If you don't then you don't belong in that club.

John Dillinger once commented that he robbed banks because that's where the money was. People invade homes and hold people hostage and even rape and torture them because those people have that huge safe that might contain something amazingly valuable. In a non-diverse world, they might get caught and get 93 years (of course, he did have those 26 prior felony counts). At the rate things are going, in just a few years he will be the victim and you will be branded a hoarder or worse. And if you somehow escape alive from that home invasion by defending your family and yourself the press will vilify you for harming that 16 year old father of three who's mother says was a good athlete in school and had plans to be an astronaut - or a rap star.

Elsewhere on this site the security "Wedding Cake" is discussed. What that thing says is that if you live in a dangerous city or a dangerous neighborhood then you need a way of protecting your valuables far more securely than someone who lives in a safe city and safe neighborhood. However, no matter where you live, you certainly do not want to call attention to that big giant box holding all your valuables.

That privacy issue is now becoming a very serious threat. With newspapers publishing the names and addresses of law abiding citizens with weapons it is just a matter of time before your wife and your children will be at risk inside your home. Criminals, Third Worlders and the insane now will be at your door.

Many manufacturers sell really pretty safes. The problem is that there is a lot of money spent on making that safe look really pretty and that money does absolutely nothing to make the safe more secure. Do you want a high gloss paint job or do you want a thicker steel door?

Here's a secret from the professionals: You are way better off having three smaller safes than one big one.

If you have three smaller safes, then they all can be in a row and the outer safes can contain valuables of lesser .. value. You want to get the bad guys to go through the sides of the other safes and be forced to go directly through the middle safe's front door. Then too, adding a stainless steel plate to the front of the door will add extra protection for the lock and its internal workings. Then too, increasing the thickness of the safe's walls to 4 gauge from 7 gauge has merit as well.

As things spiral into the abyss, it might also be good to store some of your high value foods and survival supplies in those safes as well.

What most safe companies don't tell you is that the only part of the safe that has to meet the UL "RSC" rating is the door. This means that anyone with a $120.00 worm drive Skill saw from Home Depot and maybe three $5.00 abrasive wheels can cut a giant hole in the side of most cheap safes in about ten minutes.

By bolting three smaller safes together you force the bad guy to attack the front door of the more important middle safe to gain entry.

As things continue to get worse (they will absolutely positively not get better) you may in a few months have ten of your neighbors whacking away at your safe while you're gone.

There is a real balancing act here. If you have some humongous safe then the people who used to borrow your lawn mower will instead have your wife and or children duct taped to chairs in the kitchen and you will be asked to dial the combination - or else.

If you seemingly have nothing of value and whatever precious things you have are stuffed into some flimsy looking box, then people will just go at that box with that hammer ..... and not your family.

Sturdy Safe is one company that makes some surprisingly attack resistant safes. Their safes also seem to offer about twice the fire protection of safes with walls filled with water-soaked concrete (which is most mid-priced residential safes).

Making a huge circus of bringing a safe into the home can be bad. Anyone who sees The Grand Procession of weighty steel box and 50 inch chested knuckle draggers in grey overalls grunting toward your front door will have that vision stored in their brains forever.

Stuffing those safes in your garage at midnight is a far better plan. If you intend to bolt the things to the floor, do please consider doing all of that rotary hammer drilling of the garage floor's concrete slab about two months before the safes arrive. And ( duh! ) don't have your neighbors help you......

The Big Giant Plan of many thieves is to steal a big truck and then go to your house and wrap a chain around your safe and drive away. This works quite well for most ATMs so it makes sense for them to try it on you. The way to make this really interesting for them is by putting the safe's floor bolts through giant washers before you bolt your safe to the floor. Half inch thick and six inch in diameter steel "washers" will work wonders. This also solves the "Ooopsie / alignment problem" when the safe arrives and the holes don't line up. If you really want to make their day then put a quarter inch think steel base plate at the bottom of your safe. The farther away from the center of the bolt the pulling energy is applied the more force required and that required force goes up geometrically.

Hilti makes some good products to help you in your efforts. Their HDM 500 Manual Dispenser, RE500-SD adhesive, TE2 Rotary Hammer Drill, Hammer drill bit TE-C 3/4"-8 and HAS 5.8 1/2" X 8 Anchor bolts just about make for a suicidal effort by anything less than a Kenworth T800 semi.

Lastly, building a steel reinforced concrete block enclosure around the safes so that only the doors are accessible is a good idea. Camouflage is good too. You might consider facing this monolith with fronts of old file cabinets or wooden drawers - with stuff sticking out the tops of the drawer fronts.

Here are some videos that might help you decide what to do.

Click on the text to see the video:

Sturdy Safe Competition


Here's what you get for a thousand bucks.




Sturdy Safe No CLutch


Here's more problems with cheap safes.




Sturdy Safe Pry Bar Attack


Sturdy Safe pry bar attack.




Sturdy Safe Door Ten Ton Forklift


Sturdy Safe door ten ton forklift attack.




Sturdy Safe Ten Ton Forklift Side Attack


Sturdy Safe sidewall ten ton forklift attack.




Sturdy Safe Torch Attack


Sturdy Safe torch attack.




Sturdy Safe Deadbolt Attack


Sturdy Safe dead bolt attack.




Sturdy Safe Only Thing Still Standing


Sturdy Safe, the only thing left standing.





Whatever you decide to do, it might be good to do it soon. Just look at what Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden are doing to your ability to own a firearm to protect your family.

Who knows what they'll dream up next. Whatever it will be, it won't be good for you and yours.


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Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put "a message in a bottle" for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.