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Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put "a message in a bottle" for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.


Help And Hints - Part 2

As the United States continues to spiral into the abyss, we still need to go to work and send our children to school (or home school) and maintain a loving family.

It's All Fine

Again, do not stress out. The Doom Sayers might be predicting the instant annihilation of all women and children, but things just don't snap like that. Even Nazi Germany took at least five years to implement their plans. This spiral into perversion and immorality has been going on in the United States for about 45 years and - until now - at a much slower pace so that few would be sufficiently visionary to see the "Big Picture."

Whether it be the Roman Empire or the Byzantine Empire (the longest living empire in the history of the world - and it was Christian and it was destroyed by Muslims) it takes years for things to get really bad.

Your Survival

Of course, "the plan" is for Americans to experience the country's decay ever so slightly each year. Upsetting sure, but not upsetting enough to get up and take action. Once all the forces are in place then it's just too late to do anything. America is probably now in the final "too late to do anything" phase. That does not mean that you should allow your family to be murdered in your home or your children kidnapped and taken to Mexico. It does mean that you should do everything you can to stay away from each and every potential threat. There are "pot holes" in life. Drive around them or, better yet, don't even drive down that street. That really is key. Decide for yourself what groups are the most dangerous to you and stay away from them. Do not deal with them. Do not talk to them. For example, when on the freeway, driving next to a semi increases your chances of a major accident by a factor of five. Stay far away from every potential "semi" on your road of life.

You can also send that message to companies embracing perverts and the insane - just don't give them your business. Also, when you go to a shopping mall and you see a clerk that is part of the problem, just give your business to some other clerk. Most stores monitor the sales of their clerks and the low performing ones are given the boot.


Stress is a big killer. Under normal conditions, more than 90% of the things we all seem to worry about never happen. Take a deep breath, remain calm. You can also just distract yourself and think about something else. You can also just refuse to think negative thoughts. Exercise is a very good thing for relieving stress and is good for you body. One of the last things you ever want to do is talk to someone who might be be a negative influence on you. In today's world you no longer have time for time wasters. It is also pointless to try to push your position on any topic on anyone. If you are right and they are wrong then they will sure find out soon enough and it will be to their endless despair. Further, never tell anyone what you are going to do about anything. There is an endorphin jolt from telling someone something -- your brain gets the same reward as if it had actually done it -- but then you are faced with the pressure of accomplishing it and the ridicule from your inaction. That might then get you to act rashly.

The Wedding Cake

There are seven layers to your general security and they can be thought of as looking like a wedding cake: The largest layer is the city in which you live, the layer next up is the neighborhood in which you live, then the neighbors living around you, then your property's fences or barriers, and then your windows and doors, then your interior walls and doors, and lastly whatever measures you are willing to take inside your home to protect your family.

While Liberals will depend upon "the authorities" to provide their security, you can certainly understand (from the 911 recording in Help And Hints Part 1) that such a mind-set in today's world can turn you into a statistic for Charles Darwin's laws of evolution and natural selection. Certainly, Liberals really do deserve what they get. Do not try to save them. One thing you need to know is that by giving someone a hand up.. you are also pulling yourself down.

This recording is of a border sheriff warning his citizens of what they face.

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Political Correctness goes away when reality strikes.

Living on remote ranches with your lands being invaded all night long by illegal aliens and drug cartel drug convoys makes for tense times. If you think it's different in the city you would be wrong. Very few people will call 911 when it's your house that's invaded. You will be on your own. They do not want to get involved -- if only because they will be crucified by the media or in court by some "suspect's" lawyer (we cannot call "suspects" criminals).

Forget The Movies

No matter what some "local expert" might tell you, it does not really matter much whether you use some .22 pistol or a .40 Glock to protect your family. In more than 70% of cases the result is the same after two shots. It is only the length of time from "vertical" to "horizontal" that changes. A very positive result from a midnight confrontation in your hallway might be from the best shotgun in the world (that gets you to about 90% of the cases and well under a minute to "horizontal"). A more universal solution may be from one .308 Hornady TAP round fired from something like a short barrel JD Machine Technology AR-10 or the American version of the Third World's popular choice the H&K G3.

A 12 ga. makes a big hole. A Hornady .308 TAP round makes much of the target unrecognizable as anything but a large lump of raw meat. Lastly, it is always good to use only one kind of weapon. When panic strikes it is best to not have to think about how "this one" is different from "that one."

There is a very scary reality to consider. If you are forced to use a weapon and let's say you empty half the entire magazine into the target just to get it to stop attacking your daughter, then you might be prosecuted for using too much force. Yes, you can be nailed with a felony. One single quick reaction to the imminent threat inside your home seems reasonable. Multiple "attacks against our innocent teenage victim - who was a father of five - and who was such a good athlete and wanted someday to be a nuclear physicist or a rap star" can get you twenty years.

Just as you buy thousands of dollars of car and home insurance each year and hope you never need it, this is also true about whatever you want to depend upon to protect your family.

Practice Makes Perfect

Having something and not practicing with it is foolish. You can get an "air powered" gun that fires heavy rubber balls and paint balls. There are replicas for most popular firearms. The FBI and other agencies use them to practice. To make this very real you can go one-on-one at a paint ball combat facility. The concept to remember is that there is only one of "you". You need to keep "you" alive, and that means the odds must always be vastly in your favor. Practice does make perfect.

Be Warned

The advice you get even from a returning Iraq vet may be wrong. He had unlimited ammo and usually did not even see his target. He simply sprayed the area and if he still missed then he called in an air strike. You have to make every shot count - you must place the rounds on the specific target. If you are getting advice from a vet then it better be one with an 0317 Sniper Secondary MOS (USMC) or B4 Additional Skill Identifier (USA) -- then you can believe him.

A Fortified Building

The upper layers of the "Wedding Cake" are your home, but the last thing you want to do is build a "fortified building." Many cities and counties and states have laws against that. It is one thing to make your home sturdy enough to encourage home invaders to leave you alone and to go visit your neighbor instead and it is quite another to make it impossible for your local SWAT guys to get inside your house. Waco was a disaster and your civil servants learned a lot. The chances of you being the victim of a home invasion are hundreds of times greater than having SWAT visit you. And you will lose that one, pronto. Besides, beyond 2017, you mess with those people and you could get a Predator drone fired Hellfire missile down your throat.

Here's Looking At You

One technology that can be a boon to survivng the impending celebration is video. Installing hidden video cameras to see in all directions around your home is a very good thing to do. "Pan / Tilt" cameras are bad - they will be looking in the wrong direction when you need to see what is going on. The best cameras are "staring eye" cameras that take in a wide field of view and just stare. Such cameras can be connected to your computer and you can thus keep a record of everything that is and was going on. Recording sound can be a felony so silence is the word to remember.

There are video cameras and then there are video cameras. The optimum cameras are high resolution multi-megapixel cameras. With such cameras you can "zoom" and even pan and tilt by simply looking around within the single huge video frame. The camera does not move. These cameras offer more than 16 times the resolution of a standard video camera. Yes, that does mean they can offer "telephoto" capability at the click of a mouse.

Some will suggest installing remote cameras and then transmitting the data back to your home. That can be bad. It is best to keep all the technology inside your home. If you want to "see around a corner" or look down the block and then around the corner, bolt a small mirror on the light pole or power pole down the street and then you can look around the corner by looking at that mirror.

Lastly, darkness is not your friend. You can, however, buy some of those solar powered walkway lights for maybe $4.00 each and switch their visible LEDs for IR LEDs. Then you can plant those lights on poles or under bushes (with the light always facing away from your house). If you get really clever you can put some of them in fake rocks with just the tiny solar panel and IR LED sticking out.


Dual pane windows are a good thing. Not only do they save some marginal amount of your heating and cooling costs but they are a true nightmare for the average burglar. Of course, they only protect you from higher energy bills and burglars if you keep the windows closed.

There are security films available that make standard glass windows fairly secure from physical attack (not gunfire). There are videos of "before" and "after." You can have someone install such a film for you, or you can apply it yourself and purchase it as a mail order kit. Yes, you could even apply the film to your new dual pane windows before they are installed. In any event, if you have the film applied for you then be careful who you pick because the people who apply it might also be gang members who normally apply tinted window film on gang vehicles.


It should be obvious that a sturdy front door is your first line of defense. Standard American exterior doors are a joke. Kwikset locks are for the more civilized times of old. The simplest improvement to your home might be to kick proof your front and rear doors. The best way to do that is to use what is called a "Multi-point Lock" in a solid door. That puts steel bolts into the door frame at top, side and bottom. Here's a multipoint door lock. Do as this guys says, not as he does (that is not a solid door).

Between The Street And You

You can also put a row of concrete embedded rocks or decorative planters between the street and your house. Some home invasions use the attacker's vehicle as a battering ram or shield. You just need to keep his vehicle more than 20 feet away from your door. And do understand that he really will keep things simple and try to attack your house by driving up your driveway and possibly through your front door - so a gate might be nice. If a car weighs 4,000 pounds and it's moving then it takes quite a bit of reinforced stuff to stop it. Sturdy planters and a sturdy gate really are celebrations of America's new diversity.


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Your Drive By Shooting

If you live in a "diverse" neighborhood -- and only if your house is on a good solid concrete slab -- you might think about some steel plate for all interior walls facing the street -- from the floor up about three feet (you spend most of your time in the home either sitting in a chair or being horizontal). Steel plate is heavy. You can get .125 (1/8th) inch thick plates and layer them up. A bolt action rifle in .308 will put a round through 5/8ths of an inch of mild steel. A semi-auto in .308 will usually not go through 5/8ths of an inch of mild steel. Either of those weapons will put a round clean through an unprotected home - yes, and right out the other side.

They Know What You Have

The media is more interested in punishing normal people (those with Traditional Family Values) than reporting the news. That's why The Journal News - a crank newspaper in the Lower Hudson Valley, West Nyack, New York - published the names and addresses of every legal gun owner in the county. The results of their actions were as predicted. As Mr. Obama's gun control efforts slam into Traditional America (with about 50% of all long guns and 80% of all pistols now illegal) the only place for the criminals, Third Worlders, and the insane, to get a weapon will be from you. And they will know what you have and where you live because your local newspaper will have told them.

Safety And Safes

Putting your valuables in a safe can be good and it can be bad. When your valuables are all in one place then home invaders need only look in one place to get them. If the safe is a good one, it can take several hours for the bad guys to get it open. Forget about those $1,000 "gun safes" that are really made in China and can be opened in under two minutes with a pry bar. You can get a fairly good safe for about $2,000. If you live near the border or in a bad neighborhood / city then the whole equation changes. Now you need a real safe.

Sturdy Safe makes a reasonably good - but unattractive - safe for professionals. If you run a prision or a jail then there is a good chance you walk past a Sturdy Safe everyday. These are the kinds of safes seen in some embassies.

Many manufacturers sell some really pretty safes. The problem is that there is a lot of money spent on making that safe look really pretty and that money does nothing to make the safe more secure. Do you want high gloss paint job or do you want a thicker steel door? In fact, a pretty safe might well be a hazard because then you might want to show it off to people. This can be a very bad idea.

Here's an overview of a real safe.

Paranoia Can Be Fun

People in Third World countries quickly discover that kidnappings often happen when the victim is in their car. As a budding member of the Third World, having an armored car might save your life. There are several armored car companies in the United States that can provide a solution (in Texas, and in California). There is even a company in Mexico (it's in Tijuana so they must know what they are doing). It might be a good idea to ask about a used car. Why pay retail?

Lastly, Be A Man

Most American males have been corrupted to some extent. They glorify murderers, drug addicts, dog stranglers / dog drowners and serial rapists otherwise known as "professional athletes." American males will spend $100 or more just to wear the jerseys of these "people." They will spend hours if not days every week revelling in the activities of these "people." They will spend hundreds of dollars going to a stadium (where they dare not bring their own children for fear of the trauma the child will experience from seeing the drunks and the fist fights). The hidden reality is that those "Sports Heroes" -- and their team owners -- usually have less loyalty to their fans than the average streetwalker does to her Johns.

This last point is most important:

Deriving your ego from what other people do is a form of insanity.

If you are going to wear a shirt with a number on it then that number should be how many of your children you put through University.

It is important that the man of the house dedicate himself to his family. He needs to be improving himself, his home, increasing his income and nurturing his wife and children. To do otherwise is a form of treason -- it is betrayal of the family. A man must be a man, not a child in a man's body.


Take Action... Now

There are four things you can do to help save Traditional America.

1.) Help fund this website so we can tell more people

2.) Send letters to your representatives

3.) Send a letter directly to the U.S. Geological Survey

4.) Get a bumper sticker and tell the world


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Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put "a message in a bottle" for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.